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    • Photo of Alice W.
      Alice W.
      San Francisco, United States
      24 Jan 2023

      I am HUGELY remiss in posting a review. Today my daughter called me "remember that place in Nelson NZ with the smoked manhattan drinks?"

      Oh yes I do, in fact it was a highlight of places we visited in New Zealand.
      Inside is a pretty classic setting. Black tablecloths with white butcher paper. Clean, cozy. The first thing we noticed was this very small bar with 6 tiers of shelves hosting all sorts of spirits and alcohol, and the bar tender was ever so gracious. Our table wasn't quite ready but we enjoyed our chat with the bartender and honestly could have waited longer.

      The menu for drinks and food was immediately appealing. We tried their smoked manhattans. Delicious. They made it at the table and that was just fun.

      I got their scallops. Fresh, simple goodness. We shared their fries and I rolled my eyes.

      Great food, service and overall a charming relaxed and gem of a place in Nelson. Highly recommend!

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    • Photo of Greg C.
      Greg C.
      Carmel-by-the-Sea, United States
      2 May 2019

      A delightful setting with great seafood. Ok you hungry travelers tired of mediocre tourist food-- try Cod and Lobster in the town of Nelson. Named after the British Admiral but hey, hi there anyway.

      Fresh is the name of the game here. You want it, they have it. A beautiful setting. Inside and out. I love it didn't feel touristy. Crazy good bar- see pic-- and great wine list. A lot of great regional pinot noir. Fairly priced for very high quality. I paid around $90 NZ for a hard to get delicious bottle. Try Burnt Cottage if you're into Pinot. Go here. Don't hesitate

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    • Photo of Shannon W.
      Shannon W.
      West Palm Beach, United States
      5 Oct 2018

      This place is easily one of my favorites in Nelson. #1 reason being the bartender is extremely talented and the extensive drink menu is spot on! He's so talented, you can give him a spirit and a flavor you love, and he'll make you the best drink you've ever had. I love coming in and sitting at the bar watching him make cocktails and drinking his concoctions. It's the closest thing to BK/NYC I have seen in the Nelson Tasman area. Secondly, the food is great and the service is always spot on. The place reminds me of an authentic NYC restaurant that's been around for 50+ years. I have eaten here twice and was very impressed with the seasonal menu and the quality of the dishes.

      The last time I was here I had the chickpea & halloumi fitters which were delicious and the spiced rare tuna encrusted in sesame seeds which was also very tasty. For sides, we split the sautéed broccoli with sundried tomato & pine nut pesto and the truffle fries with grated parmesan. Everything was devoured. The waitress was very friendly, knowledgeable and informative of the menu. She was really on her 'A' game. I quite liked her, as we all did.

      The dessert options were also tantalizing and we found ourselves ordering three of the four options available. I went with the white chocolate mousse, accompanied by cinnamon crumb, white chocolate gelato & apple. The combination of flavors was incredible. I'm not a big dessert eater, but I would order this anytime. It wasn't too heavy and left me feeling quite satisfied. Looking forward to coming back on my next trip over.

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    • Photo of Sandy B.
      Sandy B.
      San Francisco, United States
      17 Dec 2019

      One of my favorite meals in New Zealand and my favorite restaurant in Nelson. The cocktails were good. I got the seafood platter for two. All the seafood was fresh and yummy. Staff was so nice. Location is in the heart of downtown Nelson.

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    • Photo of Lynn M.
      Lynn M.
      Vancouver, Canada
      4 Feb 2020

      The restaurant is in a lovely old building with a great atmosphere. The service was great, probably the best we have had on this trip and the food was fantastic.

      We shared the whole fish and a couple of side dishes and a dessert which was more than enough food. That and some wine came to $120 which seemed reasonable to us.

      The caramel gingerbread cake for dessert also deserves a mention.

      A great evening and worth every cent. We would highly recommend.

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    • Photo of Belinda S.
      Belinda S.
      10 Sept 2018

      Food & Drinks are supreme
      At this swanky historical stylish spot
      In the most popular up market eating area of Nelson.

      Arriving into Nelson this was the first stop to feed our hungry souls and quench our thirst with amazing refreshing drinks! They have a phenomenal array of gin over 200 In fact. The menu will blow you away.
      The service is also bright, friendly and witty and you would be silly to miss the opportunity to be wined and dined in such a elegance, one to remember.

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    • Photo of Rob B.
      Rob B.
      Kaneohe, United States
      20 Jan 2018

      Stopped in for a drink and stayed 3 hours. Incredible oysters, white bait was a pass. Drinks atmosphere and service make this perhaps the best of the lot. No lobster available, but the wine pours are double Hopgoods next door at the same price.

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    • Photo of Adam H.
      Adam H.
      Pleasanton, United States
      26 Feb 2019

      Recommend the lamb. Really tender and juicy and the side salad with nuts.

      The best part of the seafood platter was the salmon. The calamari and the battered cod was also delicious.

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    • Photo of Patrick B.
      Patrick B.
      Youngsville, United States
      16 Aug 2018

      Nice gem in downtown Nelson. Over 200 brands of gin available. I had the smoked manhattan for cocktail and it was superb. Smoke was infused before pouring at the table. Dinner was braised pork belly and it was excellent Please check it out.

      Smoked Manhattan
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    • Photo of Elizabeth R.
      Elizabeth R.
      Breckenridge, United States
      5 Nov 2017

      We stumbled upon this fancy little restaurant and it was absolutely incredible. Great service the atmosphere was pleasant with good lounge jazz music. We shared the seafood platter which was delicious and filling. We also got some of their cocktail concoctions which were impressive and perfectly balanced with flavor. Highly recommend if you want to try the local seafood or a unique cocktail. Cheers!

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